Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Linden #1 repotted finally

This linden had not been repotted since more than 15 years. While some will think that this is reckless, it is not uncommon with professionals. I only repot when it is really necessary. So now it was necessary - sort of. Together with Andy we took off all the wire, edited the tree a little and I had to cut it out of the pot with a reciprocating saw. Inside we saw that this tree had a lot of roots, but that it could have stayed in that pot for another ten years. Well we put it into the same pot again, just slightly higher to expose the nebari better. and we used pure pumice from IBUKI. Nothing added to it, since this is a very large tree in a very large pot. It will keep moist enough even on really hot days. And the pumice, when dry is so light I can now again carry the tree alone if I have to. Then we added top soil as the pumice is not so beautiful and will swim away at watering time.