Monday, March 16, 2015

Japanese maple #19

This Japanese maple (Acer palmatum)I got in May 2014 for a reasonable sum because it obviously was not first quality - too high, roots very awkward, some branches very thick and vertical, not properly prestyled. I had it for sale for quite a while and then started to play around with it. It was potted into a better pot and the crown was reduced. Fall foliage was quite nice. Without leaves one could see the structure of the tree. Well, certainly not a standard maple bonsai in the unavoidable informal upright form. So I decide to continue whit the naturalistic style. The thick vertical branch was declared a secondary trunk. The branches were arranged to form a round crown which is reminiscent of natural broadleaved trees and does not resemble a standard bonsai. The strange roots now make sense. Today it was wired for the first time. We will see what the next year will bring.