Friday, February 27, 2015

Balkan beech #1

This is a Balkan beech (Fagus moesiaca). It is very similar to the common European beech (Fagus sylvatica) and often is referred to as subspecies (Fagus sylvatica ssp. moesiaca). Everything is a bit smaller and more elegant than we are used to. It is hardy, grows up to 7,000 feet altitude in the Balkan.

This tree I saw in Serbia in 2010 in a seminar and I was intrigued. At that time it arguably was by far the best bonsai in Serbia.

Life is good to me. The tree found it's way into my garden a week ago. It is an 'exotic' species and a very special tree. I am very happy to have th honor to continue growing and styling it. The tree was collected in 2006 in Serbia. The original grower has unfortunately passed away. He gave that tree to Alkesandar, whom I call 'Rasputin'. Aleksandar was never keen to fully wire or extensively style the tree. He more or less left it as was. And the beech did well obviously.

The tree now was wired totally within two days. It definitely needs good frost protection from now on. The front was slightly changed to look more dynamic. after doing virtuals with the wonderful pot by Walter Venne the side with deadwood seems better to me - at least on the photograph. I doubt whether I will do the repotting this spring after all the styling.