Monday, February 10, 2014

wild plums available for sale or trade

All these are wild plums, Prunus cerasifera, collected in Croatia in 2012. They are all very well established and prepared to become very natural tree-like looking bonsai. They are of ideal size, 35 to 55 cm hight, the roots are flat and can go into the final container immediately. These trees are hardy in central Europe to a degree like Japanese maples,. They need winter protection below temperatures of minus 6 Celsius. They are all the same spaces. The ones with dark trunks are as they normally look. The whitish ones are colored by water with high calcium content. This will totally disappear after a few rains. This species has very small white flowers in April and very small nice foliage. It is the best prunus in Europe in my opinion. These trees can be picked in my garden or someone can arrange transport in Europe. I will definitely NOT ship. For questions write me: .Prices from 150 Euro to 850. The last image is an example of an established bonsai.