Monday, June 3, 2013

Floods and my garden

A few have asked about my situation with all the floods in our part of Europe. Thanks for asking. It is true, not so far from my place roads are closed, lakes are filled and water is where it never was, mountains decided to slide, highways are closed, trains are not running.

Well, in my closer area nothing like this. I am most fortunate to live on an sort of hill where I never could get flood, no river or creek nearer than two miles, no avalanches, no  land slides, no hurricanes, just lots of rain. It rained without stop for ten days here and probably something like 35cm came down which is 14 inches and amounts to one third of our yearly rain.

The trees had enough water, that's for sure. I had transplanted some very late this year and took some risk. With all the moisture this has worked very well. All trees are standing in substrate. So no rain protection was necessary.

And, yes, my roof leaked a bit for the first time in 25 years. Now it is becoming sort of dry and summer is approaching for this week. With the warm weather everything will start to grow like crazy. This will be cutting week. With my famous hedge pruner I will go over all broadleaved trees and in addition start pinching hundreds of conifers.