Thursday, September 27, 2012

WP in Portland, OR Nov. 27 and 28

I will be back in Portland, OR  in November of this year.  On Tuesday, November 27, I will do a program at the Portland club. in the evening. The subject will be 'tree inspiration' which is an extended tree critique. Bring any tree or piece of material and I will speak about it in public.Contact the Portland Club: Greg Brenden  gbrenden(at)

On Wednesday, November 28  workshops will be offered which are organized by Randy Knight,  either full day of half day. Silent observes for a fee are welcome.  Lurkers can look for 30 minutes for free whether they want to  participate now or in the future. Call Randy 1-503-306-6323 or write him  oregonbonsai(at) to put you on the mailing list and/or  register.
you can bring your own stuff or Randy will supply you with a tree. Beginners are very welcome. They should, however, participate as observers. That way they will learn more.