Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trees stolen #2

During the night from Friday , August 24 to Saturday, August 25 two trees were stolen from my garden:

 1) Trident maple, acer burgerianum, 55 cm high, pot by John Pitt

 2) European spruce, Picea abies, 55 cm high, pot Chinese

 The way these trees were stolen points to someone who knows exactly what he was taking. He put a tree aside which he did not like to get to reach the spruce. From the context I assume it is the same person that has stolen all the other trees recently. I take it that this person is someone who was here before to spot what he liked and that it is an insider. Probably this person is keeping these trees for himself. We know the man personally! We only have to find out who exactly he is. The case was reported to the police.