Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gerdi and Hans form a landscape

Today we had a long workshop with the task to create a credible landscape. Gerdi, Hans and their son Hansi had a lot of fun to build this from scratch.
The ingredients: a very good large artificial stone made by avicenna. The stone after a year in my garden already has good patina with algae. Lots of small artificial stones to build the landscape. About twice as many or more trees than you can every place on the rock to have a good selection and to be able to play around. Trees with good variations, lots of character, similar to look good. One master tree, the king of the landscape. And then lots of moss, shrubs, little trees and weeds found in the forest nearby.
Enough to have fun all day long. This was their first attempt ever of creating something like this.
I am happy with my students and they are so happy with a new centerpiece in their great garden. Hans had this idea with the oh so dangerous and spooky gorge where children disappear. I love it.