Friday, July 8, 2011

Mugo Pine #50 third part

Walter and Kolja take great care that the tree is not touched where it lives. Only dead parts are worked on. After a couple of days the result is a stunning trunk which begs to become some sort of half cascade or even cascade eventually. Now the tree is finished for the time being. The foliage is way too far away from the trunk and there is far too little. The challenge will be to develop the foliage for styling of the crown. One could graft the tree onto itself with the long branches. This is not my style though. I hate this.
I choose to try to develop dense foliage within the next three to five years or even longer. Possibly the tree will even bud back into old wood on the branches.
How does one develop such a tree? Modern substrate, full sun all day, lots of watering every day, lots of feeding organically and chemically, lots of nitrogen and rare elements. More feeding than most bonsai folks would ever think is feasible.
We'll see and report.
Walter and Kolja have done their best job so far. They have developed a high skill level within a very short time span. Thank you Walter and Kolja.