Saturday, November 13, 2010

orriental hornbeam number 1 finally show ready

First image as of May 2007. There are a couple of videos about the demo in Kastela, Croatia floating around the net. They are extremely popular. Tens of thousands of folks have looked at them. many have written that they think the result was just terrible. Many more have thought so and not bothered to write. During my demonstration I spoke at length about the phenomenon that deciduous trees usually look terrible after a demo, but the key is whether the future is set well.  I think the majority even of so called bonsai connoisseurs did not see the potential. Now, only three and a half yeas later the tree is show ready for the fist time. It is not something extremely exiting, but proves that what was done during the demonstration was good. Well,the overwhelming majority of those who saw the video will never see what became of it finally. But those who read this can appreciate what can be done with oriental hornbeams, the greatest discovery as bonsai material in the past ten years.