Tuesday, October 26, 2010

first steps on new black pine #3

Next steps:

- decision about either lowest branches only or whole crown made. Both possible, but whole present crown preferable. Only it is too far to the side and not in the center
- strong bending of top of crown towards the desired position. Some risk was taken. Bark broke open on the outside of the bend. This could cause death of crown. Wound will be treated with milking fat. If the top dies then plan B - no big deal.
- the tree was tilted then to a better position. The last one is probably the best front. The trunk line is great, the deadwood looks like it was always like this and the nebari is quite wide, some thick surface roots are visible.

Now the tree will get a bit of winter protection and will not be touched until late summer 2011. Then we'll see and report.