Saturday, June 6, 2009

back home with the trees

After a long journey into the mountains and back and a hard collecting trip the tree have to get potted as soon as possible. So, although quite tired, we potted them on the same day. The big spruces (Picea abies) are placed into plastic pots and boxes and we fill pure Chabasai (zeolith) into the container. It cold also be pure baked loam or pumice or lava granulate or similar.
Philipp owns the big one in the box. Afterward the trees are heftily watered and placed in the growing field. There we will not move them for a t least a year. Now they get watered agressively ever day. Feeding starts tomorrow. When watering the trees they are made very wet on top in particular.
We hope for rather humid weather wthin the next days. What we do not want is a couple of hot, dry weeks. We'll see.