Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My CD is here!!

My new CD is here! I still cannot believe it. This was hard work on unknown terrain. Robert S. from Germany helped me a lot. Thank you Robert.

So what is on the CD? It is a copy of my gallery. It contains about 800 (eight thousand!) images. And a lot of text.
Why would one purchase a CD that has the same contents ans a web site? Well, as many of you know all too well some of my files are huge, containing hundreds of images. it takes ages for them to load with a modem or any slow internet access. If you have the CD you can load from the Cd very quickly. Or you load the whole CD in twenty minutes onto your PC. then you can access huge files immediately. Then some folks have problems with images getting stuck. some folks have their own file for important images. They load every image that they find interesting onto their file. Well, with 8000 images I wish you good luck. You can get them all at once! And then, who says that the content of my gallery will always stay like it is now? I can reduce the content any minute. And finally folks just want a souvenir, an item from Walter Pall. They are all asking for a book. One does not write books anymore. One produces a CD. Here it is.
It will run on Windows, Opera, Firefox, Mac, Linux (with some slight problems). Usually it will self-load. If not, just find the index file and click onto it.

I sell this for 20 euro or 35 US$. My signature, if you want it costs nothing. At the moment it is only available at events where I am present. But I may well find a distributor. At the moment I WILL NOT SHIP!
The first event will be my Late Summer Meeting in my garden on Saturday, August 30.
See you there.