Sunday, July 27, 2008

refurbishing Scots pine nr. 4

This Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris, is quite famous. It wa probably the caue of the 360 degree tree, or 3D bonsai movement three years ago. It was featured in Bonsai Today with an article by Will Heath. last year the wire was taken off an now one can see tha it is not easy to stlye a Scots pine. It looked fine with the wire. But the minute the wire is off many branches just drop lke a weeping willow. The trick is to have the heart too get rid of exactyl these branches, even if they make up 80 % of your crown. So I did and then wired the crown again. Now it will be firm and afer that wire is taken off in two years it will probabyl hold the shape. Pick your front on this 360 degree bonsai. The days when you got one front only are over. Now you get endless fronts and have to find the one that you like best.