Saturday, June 16, 2007

The huge Swiss Stone Pine - part 1

This is s Pinus cembra, Swiss stone pine, which was collected a few years ago in Austria. It was planted into this small container right away, which is an enormous advantage now. No repotting, no problem with ever getting it into the right size pot. The final pot will probably be BIGGER than the present one. The tree is very healthy and is screaming for styling. Somehow it found it's way into my garden. The dimensiosn are enourmous: base diameter 35 to 40 cm, 16", height at the moment 120 cm. I will bring it down to around 70 cm. This will make the trunk appear quite huge.
There are a few Swiss stone pines around as bonsai, but they are usually not very good. I have not seen anything that comes close tho this one. The Swiss stone pine is a five neddle pine, it is the European answer to the ponderosa pine.

The last one is my favorite front. We'll see.