Saturday, March 10, 2007

The ancient olive tree part 1

This olive is way over 100 years old. It is a wild olive tree which was collected on the island of Mallorca, which belongs to Spain. Angel Mota, the 'King of Olives' brought this tree to the WBFF World Convention in Munich, Germany in 2001 for a demonstration. After that this tree stayed in a German garden until summer of 2006 when I traded it in. For some reason it had almost not grown in six years though.

At the demonstration Angel had cut off the long deadwood part which was spiking away from them ain tree. He then turned the thing around by 1890 degrees and attached it again. And it looked a lot better. When I got the tree the original attachment was still the same. But it was obviously meant originally just to prove the point and someone was supposed to do it right finally. Well, so that was me six years later.

1) tree in summer of 2006 before
2) trick Angel Mota
3) other side, also not so bad either
4) attachment fixed by me in summer of 2006
5) attachment after cleaning and brushing
6 and 7) work on the deadwood with fire (before brushing)