Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cornelian cherry (flowering dogwood) clump #2

This is the second flowering dogwood clump, also called
cornelian cherry. It is quite old, was collected in Hungary
by Karl Thier from Vienna in 2003.
It sat around in my garden with a price tag on it since the
fall of 2004. But nobody wanted to pay what I wanted.
Maybe they are sorry now. But now the tree is not for sale
In February 2007 we had the warmest winter in history.
Normally I would do this work in April, but February is
fine by now. As one can see it is quite a chunky piece.
The trick was to forget all rules and concepts of normal
bonsai styling and make the best of the material available.
The last picutures with the nice green pots are virtuals.
They are only to show how much better the tree will look
when in a proper pot. I might even dare to move it into
a new pot in April without disturbing the rootball. These
dogwoods are tough takers.