Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Beeches in winter silhouette

1) European beeech, Fagus sylvatica, raft, 40 cm
2) ditto, 30 cm, stump
3) ditto, broom form, 50 cm
4 and 5) ditto broom form, 50 cm quite mature already
6) ditto, 60 cm, pot by Derek Aspinall, naturalistic broom
7) ditto, 65 cm, quite promising
8) Japanese beech, Fagus crenata, 60 cm

The ramification of beech gets much better when you defoliate them during summer. I do this almost every year if they look healthy. Never defoliate a weak tree! 
I do this about 4 to 6 weeks after tehe buds opened. This is in the beginning of June here. 
Then they will bring new shoots which are much finer. As you can see beech are quite good for