Monday, August 22, 2016

Mugo Pine #7

Unfortunately the tree last year decided to not be a cascade anymore. But it still looks OK, I think.


Doug Hess said...

Fascinating. What photo represents what you consider the front? Or have you decided. Love your website.

Walter Pall said...

It`s not the job of the artist to tell the viewer what front he should like. I desig trees and not bonsai. A tree does not hav A front. It has usually several views which are beter than the others. You choose, not me.

Dave said...

"It`s not the job of the artist to tell the viewer what front he should like"

With all due respect, doesn't this violate the Duchamp's Fountain principal: The artist defines the art?

However, I like when the viewer becomes involved in the art, and the act of viewing helps define it.

Walter Pall said...

I like it if Duchamp is mentioned in this context. Well, he did not tell us from which side we were supposed to look at it.

Doug Hess said...

How about this idea: put the tree and the pot on a very slow-moving, motorized turn-table as it's stand. The viewer would have to think for them self. Has anybody done this before?
-Doug Hess

Walter Pall said...


yes it has been done. It's called 360-degree bonsai. I try to make the majortiy of my trees 360-degreee bonsai - no 360-degree TREES.