Sunday, August 7, 2016

European Spruce #71

Finally it is on the stone which was reserved for it. In two years the crown will be refined more.


Gabriel-Schneider said...

Hello Walter

This is a really great formation of a young group of interconnected trees. you did a really good job!!!!
Congratulations Walter. Big up from Berlin.


tomiduplex said...

Good morning Walter,

I have had no success with Spruce yamadori, even my last attempt. I took a giant pancake-like root ball from a bog-like field back with me into pumice,zeolit and baked loam and it stilled died on me.
I remember reading a comment you made about spruce being difficult regarding collecting and I understand that every tree is different in regards to location, health, root ball, etc. But, what is your average success with collecting Spruce yamadori?

But everytime I see one of your Spruce I wish even more that I had one. this one is a great piece.

Have a good day!

Thomas U.

Walter Pall said...


more than 50 % of spruce die within the first year after collection. And it is always the best ones. And then more of 50 % of those which are still alive after the first yar die wihtin the next five years. main reasons: planting into the final pot too apruptly, and starting serious stlying too early. When they have survived all this they will stay alive forever. Now you know why good spruce bonsai are precious.

tomiduplex said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me. Have a good day.