Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Prunus #29 Apricot new pot


Anonymous said...

Did you repot this in August? If so, did you defoliate to prevent the tree from transpiring?

Walter Pall said...

I repotted it yesterday. And to take off foliage would be the worst thing. The idea about late-summer repotting is to have the foliage produce enough energy for new roots. At this time the foliage will not wilt anymore because of ower temmperatures and moisture. This is the best time to repot in my area. Forget all the old book wisdom.

Anonymous said...

My I ask what do you used as soil medium?

Rui Marques

Patrik Decicco said...

Greetings from Boulder, CO here and looking forward to your visit. Your results speak for themselves and I am interested in figuring out the timing for repotting in the fall in my climate. I recall that you mentioned wanting 6 weeks till the freezing temps, but any other info concerning when to start or anything to help me start to make some notes about my area?
Perhaps a better query would be this, what is going on with plant physiology in the fall that makes it such an effective time to repot? Is it that the vegetative period for the foliage has concluded and energy is flowing down to roots to be stored for dormancy and this helps healing and recovery?
Thank you in advance.


Walter Pall said...

Modern substrate with 15 % rough peat. Modern substrate in this case is pumice. NO SOIL!!! On top just for the eye natural looking baked loam.

Walter Pall said...


repotting in spring: here around end of March/beginning of April. cutting some roots, new substrate. The tree gets a shock and does nothing for a couple of weeks. It starts to grow roots and foliage at the same time, around end of April/beginning of May. In May it can be pretty warm already, the days get very long. The tree struggles with new foliage evaporating and the roots are not quite ready. So it does not grow a lot. In June it gets very hot. The tree struggles, In July many of these trees collapse altogether. Anyway, a full season lost.

Repotting in late summer (NOT in fall!!) - mid_August to September 10 here: the tree has developed all buds for next year, it grows a bit on top, but the roots grow much. The foliage produces energy which is stored in the trunk and later in the roots. If repotted now the tree can use all this energy to produce new roots. The foliage stays on!! It will have no problem because the temperatures are much tower, here it rains a lot. On warm days spray the whole tree with pure water. Within six weeks the roots have recovered. The tree is ready for winter. Needs a bit extra protection of a broadleaved tree. In spring it starts immediately. No season lost and much safer. Contrary to public opinion it is much safer than spring repotting.

If repotted too late, like after middle of September there is not enough time for new roots to grow. and if the tree has already started to deposit energy in form of sugar(starch in the roots and you cut some of these off you are seriously injuring the metabolism.

In Boulder area I would repot now until end of September.

Walter Pall said...

I forgot the follwoing:

in spring all the stored energy is relesed to go into new growth of foliage. When roots are distured or cut they also have to grow at that tieme So there is less energy for leaves.
BTW: try to cut as little roots as possible. Root pruning only if really necessary!

Patrik Decicco said...

Thank you Walter. That helps.