Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Olive #1


Unknown said...

Hi Walter,

first of all my complements on the olive, beautiful! Second, i also have an olive with quite a tricky fracture in the deadwood. I was also thinking of using flash bonder. What did you do to make it almost invisible because it doesnt seem to be live wood covering the repaired spot? Thanks for your reply!

Walter Pall said...

I pushed dark sand into the glue. When it was dry I painted it carefully with several kinds of brwon and black acrylic paint. It is indeed invisible. Not even an expert would notice it.

Anonymous said...

I believe Olives are not cold hardy to stay out in your garden in winter. Do you bring them in your home, or a heated greenhouse or ??

Walter Pall said...

Sure, olives must be over wintered frost free.