Monday, September 21, 2015

Japanese White Pine #4


Thomas Urban said...

Hello Walter,

I am assuming you will say the same but I have read a lot from many different enthusiasts and professionals alike that they water white pines and perhaps high mountain pines very sparingly and keeping them on the dry.

As I said, I am guessing you have a pure pumice or baked loam and then the top with rough peat and that you water and fertilize just as much as the rest of your trees but I wanted to hear your take on it.

Have you tried or experimented with watering these "high mountain" pines less in the past? I recently bought a Parviflora grafted onto black, it's in poor soil and I just styled it. I would hate to kill it but I also plan on introducing new substrate asap (spring), you recommend pumice, perhaps loam?


Thomas U

Walter Pall said...


these trees, when they are large I plant into pure modern substrate, quite cosarse particles. I water and feed them like every other tree. Only the white pines do not get any organic fertilizer at all. They are much helathier than the ones which got organic fertilizer. Less water is not a good idea as I water everything with a big garden hose, like a fire hose. So I am finished in 30 minutes with 1,000 trees. No individual watering at all in my garden.

Thomas Urban said...

I thought you would say so :)

It is still in the original soil from Japan I believe, or something that looks like broken down akadama. I assume I should be careful regarding watering and fertilizing now correct? And re-pot it into modern substrate once the buds begin to extend.

Thank you!