Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ezo spruce #4

Ezo spruce, Picea jezoensis, collected in Japan probably before the war, stone by avicenna. Originally I said`if the spurce looks happy I will start wiring in August`. Now it looked as happy as a spruce can look - even after serious repotting in the middle of May. So I decided to style it immediately. It took a bit more thtn a day. The wire will stay on for three to five years on such a tree. In four years it might be ready to be exhibited. Anyway, I am quite pleased with the development of this tree in only two months.


Anonymous said...

How would you present a slab like this at a show? On the stool it looks good but I would guess you would need some kind of a wooden stand for a it right?

Walter Pall said...

Sure. I have one, but the beast is way too heavy for me to put it up alone. Most people are not aware that 98 % of the time I am all alone in my garden.

Anita Sabharwal said...

This beast definitely is too heavy but Walter, it is very beautiful and this slab is meant for this tree only.You really do magic with your trees.