Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mary Kay Doyle R.I.P.

Very often behind a grand man there is a strong woman. So it was with Jim Doyle
from Nature's Way Nursery in Harrsiburg, Pa. His lovely wife, so well known by mefor decades passed away. The funeral will be held in Harrisburg on Wednesday, 
June 18.
There are many people coming from all over the country. There will be a 
soundtrack including Max's (son of Mary Kay and Jim) new song and Sarah (daughter of Mary Kay and Jim)is going to play violin. They will "throw Mary Kay in the creek " on Thursday. SOUNDS of Life will happen where people will provide a sound that reminds them of MK. What would yours be? There is going to be a garden dedicated to MK at her church. Someone from Chicago is funding a planting of One acre of trees planted in Pennsylvania.
All over the world people will work on trees June 18 and think of Mary Kay.
Think of MK on Wednesday, June 18 and possibly style a tree which you dedicate toher.

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Pierre Fortier said...

She seemed delicate but strong and lively; I will style a little larch. As for the sounds of life, the birds around me will provide them.