Monday, June 2, 2014

Ezo spruce #3

Ezo spruce, Picea jezoensis, pot by William Vlaanderen. Only twelve months later.


William Lambeth said...

Another masterful project!
What is the ground covering?
I like this better than moss.

Walter Pall said...

William, this is partiually moss and partially sempervivum, the dwarf variety. Since I feed a lot the dwarf variety becomes a giant one.

Xavier de Lapeyre said...

Thanks for sharing Walter!
Beautiful progression!

GuillaumeB said...

Hi Walter,
what an amazing job you have done on this picea glehnii. The pot is absolutely perfect, we have the ffeling that the tree is in the wild.

Ann said...

Stunning transformation Walter. What's the future plan for making the pot stand on its own (without the small stone underneath it)?

Walter Pall said...


all these are just photographs of work in progress. The stone will be hidden in the end or I leave it. It does not bother me.