Sunday, June 15, 2014

hibiscus #1

Hibiscus, from a cutting made in Eilat in 1978 (!!), pot by Gabriele Wirth. Four weeeks ago the tree was taken form the living room into the garden. It was defoliated and repotted. Now it starts to look decent.


Anita Sabharwal said...

Hi Walter
lovely plants. I have a beautiful
hibiscus, bearing yellow and red flowers on same plant but whenever i bring it in my living room, it really gets annoyed and sheds its flowers very soon.Also takes time to bloom again.How can i keep it indoor for a longer time?
Anita Sabharwal

Walter Pall said...

you have to either keep it indoor ALL the time or outdoor ALL the time. Whenever you change it will shed foliage and be set back for two months.

Anita Sabharwal said...

Thanks sir.I will plant a new plant for my room.
does it apply to all the plants, including bonsai?

Walter Pall said...

Yes, pretty much.

chris said...

Hey Walter,
I just found your site. Your work is exemplary,

Kind regards from Canada

Anonymous said...

Every bonsai enthusiast should have a tree like this. If not for other reasons, at least for keeping their wives happy.