Sunday, June 15, 2014

Amurmaple #1

Amur maple, Acer ginnala, collected in Korea in the wilderness, pot by Horst Heinzlreiter. Four weeks ago I received this great piece of material. I defoliated it and put the clump into this interesting pot by Horst Heinzlreiter. By now it has new fine growth everywhere. This tree I like very much. In March of next year it will be fully wirred. This will very quickly be a highlight.


Andy said...

Dear Walter,

this is the very best Amur Maple I ever have seen. I hope you will show us some pictures in autumn.
If you might allow one question:
I very much like the pot you have chosen for this tree. But in my humble opinion, the position is too high. Do you plan to put it deeper in the pot when repotting for the next time or is there a murder nebari hidden under the expanded shale?

Best regards,

Walter Pall said...


I might pot it slightly deeper next time.

The bonsai books tell you to plant trees so that the soil level is flat. Nowadays many tree are planted on a little hill on purpose, at least her in Europe. It looks better but those who have learned the rules are irritated. Taste changes and some day people will not be irritated anymore.

In this case the grave hill might be a bit too high though.