Monday, February 17, 2014

Tatarian honeysuckle #1

Tatarian honeysuckle, Lonicera tatarica, collected in Norway in 2010, first image. This species is quite interesting and very rare as bonsai. It throws hundreds of shoots in early spring. But after wiring most of them die - in my garden at least. Anyway, slowly but gradually the tree starts to look decent. This may be classified as Fairy Tale Stlye.


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crataegus said...

First thought I had was 'what a great bonsai'. Perhaps this just means I am a liberated enough bonsai enthousiast, that does not need the fairy tale concept just to appreciate the beauty of nature, of art (almost arts & crafts if you like), and miniature 'trees'. Maybe it just takes that to appreciate the wider variety of what we call bonsai, or tree in a pot. It will always just depend on the interpretation by individuals and the approach they have towards these concepts, or even emotions that go along with is. I understand the message you try to bring, certainly to those who think you need a 'bonsai-brain' or set bonsai rules to know what bonsai is, or can be if we let our very personal appreciation for nature and art interfere with what we do with the 'tree in our pot'.