Saturday, February 22, 2014

linden #1

European linden, Tilia platiphyllos, collected in Germany in 1992, first image of 1994, pot by Derek Aspinall. It was a long way to get where we are today.



Sebastijan Sandev said...

Very beautiful and very special. Rare and difficult species and expertly done.
Great tree Walter

Anonymous said...

A long story with quite a lovely ending.


ray said...

The defoliation was to reduce the vigour or reduce the leaf size or both?

Walter Pall said...


reducing vigor would be absolutely counter productive. It is very important to make this tree grow VERY strong and then cut back drastically to get good ramification and thickness of branches. Defoliation in the middle of June on linden is to reduce transpiration in the hot months and get a second flush for ramification. Small foliage is a collateral damage more or less. It will disappear in the next growing season with strong feeding. Defoliation is always for ramification and nto for small foliage.

ray said...

Thanks Walter for the information. I am waiting to try again your hedge cutting method on some maples this season again after I made a mess of it last year. Best regards, Ray.