Saturday, February 1, 2014

European oak #1 rescue of an old bonsai

European oak, Quercus robur, collected in Germany in 1992, first image of 1994. This tree has a long history. It was hollowed drastcally right in the beginning. Within ten years it became a presentable tree. In 2012 a very aggressive black fungus almost killed it. Subsequently lots of smaller branches and one large one died. Now it is rescued again. Most of the the ramification got lost but the structure is better now. The ramification will be there again in a few years. Pot by Derek Aspinall.



Anonymous said...

It looks great! How did you control the black fungus?

Walter Pall said...

I sprayed several times with a strong copper spray.

Thomas Urban said...

Hello Mr. Paul,

Beautiful oak! What is the best time to wire and work on oak? Winter? Can the work be done and the tree left outside but with winter protection?


Walter Pall said...

Thomas, the best time is beginning of April with some frost protection afterwards. I can do it now because I have a good greenhouse. The tree must not get frost now until next winter.

Bruno António said...

Hi Walter!

This is the oak that I like in your collection. I think it will still be far better compared to what it was before.
The oaks are very attacked by fungus, must always be carefully. Here in Portugal we have a very good species for bonsai, the Quercus faginea (Portuguese oak) ... I have three!


Gabriel-Schneider said...

Hallo Walter,

Das ist eine wirklich sehr schöne Eiche. Schön, dass sie so lange bei dir ist und alle Strapazen, wie heisse Sommer etc. gut überstanden hat. Kennst du die gestalterische Maßnahme, dass man bei Laubbäumen z.b Eichen, die noch keine so markante Borke hat die Borke anritzt, wenn sie voll im Saft steht um sie älter aussehen zu lassen? Wenn ja was sagst du dazu? Findest du es riskant, wel evtl. Schädlinge besser angreifen könnten?

besten Gruß aus Berlin


Walter Pall said...

Gabriel, bringt nichts, sieht schlimm aus, wird nie.

Thomas Urban said...


I have another question about European Oaks. When is the best time to collect or repot? There is quite a mix of opinions on forums and the internet. I assume during bud break but you have the experience.

Thank you.

Walter Pall said...

Thomas, only during bud breakout, whenever that is in your micro climate.