Tuesday, January 14, 2014

European hornbeam #13

European hornbeam, Carpinus betulus, collected in Germany in 2004, first images of 2007, when I acquired the tree. The last images with the slab are virtuals, of course. This one I have neglected for a long time, partially because it is too heavy to carry it alone. And then I was not so sure whether it was really good enough for my collection. After the final styling now I am sure.



Chián said...

Beautiful European hornbeam

Gabriel-Schneider said...

Hallo Walter!!!

Das ist eine wundervoller Baum, oder besser gesagt eine Yose-ue Gruppe.
Mir gefällt er in der Schale ausgezeichnet, sie passt sehr gut. Wer hat sie gemacht? Ebensogut passt sie aber auch auf die Platte. Hast du die selber gemacht? Carpinus betulus ist auch eines meiner Lieblingsspezies. Sie ist unkompliziert und überrascht mich jedesmal in seinen Formen.

besten Gruss aus Berlin



Sergio Martinez said...

Great job Mr. Pall. In an almost desert area like the south of Spain is almost imposible to keep alive this composition.

Matteo ceriani said...

I really love this. It shows how time and nature works.
The virtuals are amazing. It will develop in a very beutiful bonsai forest.


Farooq. said...

Dear Mr.Pall:
I am starting to understand your comment about bringing out the soul of a tree. Only the gifted few can do that. Some day by studying your trees I may be able to find it in mine. Just amazing.
Many thanks.