Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back from Noelanders Trophy

It was not allowed to photograph inside the exhibit. Only my own trees I could take a picture of.  One of my students got formal permission to photograph ALL trees. He shows them here:

BFF Noelanderst Trophy

Please honor copyright. Absolutely no copying of photographs for showing somewhere else!

Here is what I have collected as images from several sources. I thank all the photographers!


Gabriel-Schneider said...

It was a nice Trophy. I traveled to Belgium from Berlin with a Friend.
The Quality of the trees where really good, some more, then the others but i had enough time to see every detail of the trees. inbetween, you could spend time in the Trading Zone or ar the Demonstrations, or having sake and a cup of coffe.
Your Christmas Spruce, Walter was very nice to see in reality. one of my favorit trees!!!

Regards from Berlin


bonsai Paparazzi said...


Inspector Clouseau said...

I lived in Los Angeles for 30 years, and on the west side of town near Centinela, there was a section where lots of Japanese residents had homes, along with some Japanese nurseries. I so learned to love bonsai plants during that time. I've now returned to my home state of North Carolina and miss them so.

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