Wednesday, January 8, 2014

European beech #2 secret revealed

European beech, Fagus sylvatica, collected in Germany in 1994. Since I was dared by some comments I did it today. The new pot is also by Derek Aspinall.



Anonymous said...

Excellent job!

In one of my comments of the previous thread I suggested removal of the bottom right branch. Luckily you haven't done it. It would have made sense perhaps if there had been no existing right branch. And I missed that one: I thought those were two side-branches growing somewhat awkwardly from the thick right branch you now removed.

The tree looks great now. A couple of more years for ramification of the (now) bottom branches and it will be a superb specimen.

JK said...

Damn, now i wish i posted my comment yesterday... To me that leftside branch made good sense. It made that tree so uncommen. So anonymous wrote somewhat about bonsairules saying not to grow a branch on the inner side of the trunk. I think thats got more to do with horticultural aspects. If a branch had to grow in the shade of an other it normaly dies back in fact of less sunlight. But Mr. Pall did it well with setting that tree in that angle to that beautiful pot. So the branch had grown in a good position to survive.
Now i find that tree somewhat....naked trunked... still adorable but it not turns me on like yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Amazing now! Give it a couple more years of ramification and this tree will be a stunner! I also like the new rounded pot much better.

Like I said in my other comments before, the tree looked good when you looked at it quickly, but when you started looking at it, the first left branch was awkward, and also now I realize it had a weird empty space above the big left branch. All the other branches are growing more horizontal except that big left one.

Now the tree is a lot more balanced, all the branches are growing in the same general directions and there are no weird empty spaces.

Congrats Walter, it takes guts to cut a big branch like this!


Anonymous said...

The tree's impact on the viewer has changed. I feel it looks much more pleasing now the branch was removed and a new pot was chosen. Not everyone will like this, but that is ok!


Brook said...

nice ;)

Anonymous said...

Hallo Walter!!!

Eine super Entscheidung, die du dort auch aufgrund der Kommentare getroffen hast. Der Baum gefällt mir jetzt viel besser. Der linke Ast machte immer den Anschein, als gehöre er nicht dort hin oder wie andere geschrieben haben, er war in einem negativen Winkel. Er hat jetzt zwar eine große Wunde, diese kann aber in ein paar Jahren ein interessantes Loch geben, wenn genug Kallus sich darüber gebildet hat. Ich habe in einem Bericht gelesen, ich weiss aber nicht mehr in welchem, dort ist mit handelsüblichem Silikon gearbeitet worden als Verschluss. Die Ergebnisse der Kallusbildung waren enorm.

Der Baum hat wirklich sehr viel mehr an Charakter gewonnen und ich beglückwünsche zu dieser Entscheidung