Thursday, January 17, 2013

If someone could ever make a bonsai like this tree

How about this an example for a bonsai?


Matt Williams said...

Carpinus orientalis in the Bavarian hills!? Very Convincing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Walter, you so funny!

Your Photoshop skillz are good, but not that good.

Steve Moore said...

Not sure why Anonymous said that.. but even if his/her cynicism is justified, such a tree would be a great model for a bonsai. Reminds me of the sketches John Naka would make from nature, to use as models for bonsai; they're published in his book.

Anonymous said...

#2? Last year it looked like this:

great vert


lacike said...

Steve, I am not sure if you really understand - that tree IS actually a photo of a bonsai + photoshop + random winter photo.

That's the joke explained :-)

Daniel Silva said...

I was fooled in the first seconds :)
Great tree.