Saturday, December 22, 2012

Japanese White Pine #2

Japanese White Pine, Pinus pentaphylla, imported from Japan in 2010, collected from the wild in Japan.

This tree was owned by Piotr Cherniachowski for Poland who received a few awards for it and the tree was in title pages of magazines. It got endless "like" and "share" on Facebook.

Somehow this pine now found it's way into my garden. It will need a bit of refurbishing and then we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Really fantastic find. What caused the person that owned this beauty just two years after importing to part ways with it? This old collected white pine will make an excellent addition to your garden... I'm excited to see its future.



Anonymous said...

SURPRISE SURPRISE very nice tree , but did you don't tell us that EVERY not grafted white pine will die in germany sooner or later .

Walter Pall said...

Yes, I told you so. Now I have to prove that it isn't so.

matt said...

Climate in England is similar to Germany, I have a very old non grafted white pine, if it is a bad winter I keep in the greenhouse and on the dry side = not die (touch wood, (touches head)