Monday, December 24, 2012

editing of Japanese white pine #2

All old needles were plucked, dead branches and stubs removed, a branch was jinned. Now the tree will have to wait until March to be wired again. I am contemplating of repotting in April. Well, then I probably should not wire it in March. Repotting is more important. It is still in the old akadama that it went in probably ten years ago. Akadama can be deadly in our climate when it freezes in winter and totally decomposes. so no wiring in March, maybe in September, if the tree looks still healthy.Most such Japanese white pines die in Germany sooner or later. I believe that one reason is that they arrive planted in akadama and nobody dares to remove it. The other reason is that they need iron and other rare minerals which are not readily available in normal fee. I do extra feeding with iron and super-nutrients. Thus the foliage becomes very green after having been yellowish before. We'll see - I will report.


piex said...

High Walter,

Thank you very much for these always useful informations. Can you give details about the kind of super-nutrients and iron you use and at what doses and timing you give them to your white pines?

Thank you very much

Walter Pall said...

Iron for use as plant feed I purchase on the internet cheap as powder. i throw two fingers full of this powder every four weeks onto the surface of the pot before watering. The water will get the iron in to the substrate. BTW. all five needle pines and all azaleas get this extra treatment. I feed normally with chemical or organic fertilizer every two weeks during the active period. This contains most minerals. Every four weeks I add a cup of super nutrients for a ten liter can. Super nutrients I get from Italpollina.

Debby said...

ciao Walter

grazie per la condivisione di queste informazioni: sono davvero esaltanti.