Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scots pine #3 old needles plucked

Old needles were all plucked. The branches were slightly edited. This tree appears quite mature by now. I am thinking of possibly showing it at Noelanders Trophy 2013.

Before and after images.


Bruno António said...

Hi Walter,

This pinus is perhaps my favorite of your collection, because of its extreme naturalness, simplicity and beauty. Fabulous!!

Bruno António

Dick van Dreven said...

Dear Walter,

I'm looking forward to see this tree at Noelanders in januari. I'm a big fan of this tree for a long time now.


Anonymous said...

That's a great looking tree. Very natural!

Chappy56 said...

Walter, I just collected my first two Scot's pines. I've wrapped the root ball in burlap, dropped them into some nursery pots and filled in around them with a standard bonsai soil. Any advise on overwintering them?