Friday, September 21, 2012

Mugo pine #32

Pinus mugo, mugo pine. A few weeks ago this one got first styling. Only the thickest branches were wired. I wanted to see the tree very healthy before I wired everything. This was the case now. The wire will sty on for at least tow years, probably longer. Eventually I will have to find the final pot for this promising tree.


Ross Munro said...

Wonderful from any angle - I look forward to its progress.

Stephen Krall said...

Hi Walter,

This is a cool looking tree. I really like it. I am sure some will find it a bit too chaotic, but I see harmony in this tree. I am really looking forward to it's development.


Zach said...

Do you have a virtual of the idea you have for it's future?

Missy Finley said...

I just wanted to tell you what beautiful creations these are! I have always wanted to learn the art of Bonsai, thank you so much for sharing these lovely pictures... you have amazing skill!