Friday, September 21, 2012

Rocky Mountain Juniper #6

Rocky Mountain Juniper, Juniperus scopulorum, collected in South Dakota in 1998. This one was already pretty far in development. But unfortunately it got attacked by fungus several times and lost most of it's foliage. I have treated it with strong copper solution a few times and now it seems to be stable. The smaller branches were all wired now.


Xavier de Lapeyre said...

Those fungus are one of the main issues I get with my Juniper - fungus and those small sap suckers that then promote more fungus.
The juniper seems to get fungus attacks on a wimp it seems.
"Ohh what can I do today... lets see... Lets cultivate some fungus all over the place!"

Sometimes you loose one or two whole growth cycles.

crataegus said...

oh-my-goodness Walter, fungus or no fungus, that has got to be the most impressive rocky mountain juniper i've seen since long, if not ever... what drama ! truely an image of nature