Thursday, April 14, 2011

small new ashes

These are flowering ashes (Fraxinus ornus) which were collected two years ago. In their natural habitat they are bitten by goats and sheep over decades. Thus outstanding material is created for small and mediums sized bonsai. They were potted within the last two days and will be styled over the next five to ten years. This is fun!


alfredo espino said...

I wonder how you will work with those branches from #3 and #5 that are placed quite close from one another. This is an interesting issue for me, and I wonder how the master from Naturalistic style will handle this.
Always great admiration toward your work. Grüsse aus El Salvador.

Walter Pall said...

This will be a green bush in summer and a very nice tree without foliage. One has to make a decison here. Many folks are not used for their trees to look the best without leaves.