Thursday, November 29, 2007

winter storage

This is wha my garden looks like over winter. What a sad sight compared to only a few weeks ago. Well, this is part of the game.


Anonymous said...

Dear Walter,

It seems that your yard is quite open and in a relatively populated area. Are you ever worried about vandalism or theft of your trees?

Walter Pall said...

Just because it it in a populated area in the contryside makes it quite save. I do have protection, of course, and an uninvited visitor will be very much surprised.
This poart of the world is extremely save compared to many other countries.

Anonymous said...

What about protection for winter... frost and dry wind. Do you cover them up with something? How do you protect such an amount of trees?

Kind regards

Walter Pall said...

Well, the purpose of this thread is to show what I do for winter protection. That's it. The trees will sit there until beginning of April and then I will start placing them on the stumps and shelves again.
Many small and delicate trees are in the greenhouse, as seen before. A couple of mediterranean plants are in the house.
Such is winter protection in my garden.

Anonymous said...

Why do You put the trees on the ground? Is that to reduce cold wind flow around the trees or just because the ground keeps warmth so it s much warmer on the ground?

Walter Pall said...

The trees have a MUCH better survival chance if they are placed right on the ground because of warmth from below and general protection from wind and often from sun. I once lost more than a dozen world clas trees at a late frost. They ALL stood on the stumps. All those of the same species that were on the ground besides them survived. This lesson cost me much more than 100,000 Euro.

Anonymous said...


May we see pics of the trees you lost to that late frost? I remember you commenting about this before, but I can't remember the trees you lost.

Thanks, -jeremy

Aaron said...
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Indoor Bonsai said...

Thanks, interesting post.