Thursday, November 15, 2007

more winter


Rune Kyrdalen said...

Hi Walter.
You tell us that you put your tender trees in a greenhouse during winter, how cold does it get in the greenhouse during winter? Is it heated?


Walter Pall said...


it gets down to minus 5, sometimes maybe to mins 7 Celsius. When it is very cold I put a regular heater on. This is an electric household heater-ventilator with a thermostate. It costs 25 Euro in any hardware store. It is 1000 or 2000 Watt and can cosnume quite a lot of electricity in one night. I used to have it on permanentyl with the tehrmostate at minus 3. But I gave up because it costs too much.
And the trees are OK with this. Besides the regular hardy stuff I have azaleas, Korean boxwoods, Chinese elms etc. and they are doing just fine since years.