Thursday, April 19, 2007

potting of the new hornbeam

This beast comes from Wolfgang Kaeflein, the man who collected more than 20,000 trees. It is a European hornbeam, Carpinus betulus. Actually it is just the very base of a tree that probably was around 7 meters high or more. The base has a diameter fo 45 cm and a hight of 50 cm. This guarantees powerful proportions. Wolfgang has stumped the tree and then carved it also.
It is now in a huge pot by Derek Aspinall. There it will rest for a couple of years. It will be allowed to grow wild and then it will be tamed.


Martin Sweeney said...

Another interesting tree. You do root work much later in the season than I. I wouldn't think to repot such a prize when it had so many leaves on it. Was this an "out of necessity" repotting or more of a standard process repotting?
Thanks again for sharing.

Walter Pall said...


this is absolutely standard. This is much better than too early, when the buds are not yet swollen. Again a bonsai myth about not repotting with foliage already out mainly. This is standard practice in big nurseries which have nothting to do with bonsai. Why should it not be applied to bonsai. In a week it would be too late though. But still possible with some risk.