Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the huge new trident maple - part 4

Here the finished result for the time being. The maple will be left alone now for a few months until it is definitely clear that it grows vigorosly again. Then I will cut back the new shoots ans continue refining the tree.

I know that a lot of Americans get some sort of trident envy now. For some reasons there is the notion that 'we cannot import such things into America, Europe has it so much better'. This is a myth. The truth is that I have personally seen rather recently big tridents which were imported a few moths ago into America. Fact is that only a few nurseries went through the bother to clarify what they have to do. But some did and they can well import such a tree. I have seen such stuff at Brussel's Nursery and New England Bonsai. It is there and one can buy it. Prices are about the same as here in Europe for this kind of material.


N.Lambelet Switzerland said...

HI Walter !

First of all, thank you for this blog ! It is a gold mine for amateurs like me.

I'm wondering as you say that 80 % of the roots of this huge trident went off, what kind of treatment to the tree after the repoting ? shade ? high humidity ( as in a greenhouse ) ?

Thank you !

Walter Pall said...

At this time of the year: nothing!
The tree is placed with all other trees. Watering thoroughly every day. Start to feed IMMEDIATELY (everything else is a bonsai myth). Only frost would be bad news. It must be protected from freezing.
A trident like this one will always start growing immediately at this time of the year. I expect it to be fully green within two to three weeks. At the same time many new roots will appear. When the temperatures get higher by middle of May it will already have enough roots and there will be no problem during the summer heat. When it is hot in sumemr one could plae it in half-shade. But not now! It is still cool enough.

Martin Sweeney said...

Very impressive tree. Unless it is too early to tell, what are your ideas for the future styling direction of this tree?

Walter Pall said...


the crown will be bigger and rounder. In the early days of development the branches are kept close to the trunk. But now the tree looks so fat that it is almost grotesque. I think it is not as grotesque as many of the sumo-tridents though. If the crown is bigger then it looks more normal.
This is quite interesting. Normally we make the crowns smaller to make the trunk appear mightier. Here it is the other way round.