Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Linden #3


Thomas Urban said...

Hello Walter,

Your Lindens are great and inspired me to go collect a couple.

I noticed they are very soft and flexible. When do you find it to be the best time for wiring and with your method of spring/summer growing how long are you usually able to keep the wires on without them biting in too much? What about japanese maples?



Walter Pall said...

I wire my linden from September to October and from March to end of April. Frost protection necessary. Linden are very flexible. As a rule trees which are very flexible can be easily wired and styled, but when the wire goes off the branch goes back where it was. So they have to be wired many times before it holds. This means over more than ten years. The wire usually stays on for twelve to 15 months in my garden on linden.