Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Int. Bonsai Academy in Kastela, Croatia 2016 #5

Last weekend we had the ninth International Bonsai Academy in Kastela, Croatia in the garden of Marija and Andrija.  See for yourself what happened. Marija, Andrija, Thomas and WP in action . All these are the trees of M&A.  #5


Daniel Dolan said...

May I ask you to comment on the environmental conditions that results in these extraordinary trees developing as they do in the wild.

In the #5 series of photos the gentleman in all black is standing next to a tree that looks to be the most Natural Bonsai in the world.

Thank you.


Walter Pall said...

This is the normal Croatian environment along the Mediterranean coast line. It is quite arid, very warm in summer, little rain, moderate winters, some snow, little frost. And animals were grazing there for millennia. Mostly sheep and goat have eaten on these trees forever. One does NOT at all find the trees as you see them on my blog. These are already semi-developed trees. In the natural habitat I bet you you see millions of hornbeam and not a single one that you think can be a good bonsai. So it requires great skill in detecting the right ones. I bet you there are trees like this in America. You are not telling me that a country which is about as large as New Hampshire and has a couple million inhabitants only has more material then the rest of the world. The did not know themselves until nine years ago when I came there for the first time and told them that they are sitting on a gold mine.

Anonymous said...

That is the trick indeed Mr Pall . There are lots of marvelous trees in America . Finding the places to search for these trees can be an issue sometimes . Here in North Carolina there is a lot of farmlands where animals have grazed on trees and shrubs for 50-100 years . Some farmers and friendly and let you search for trees , some come to you with a gun . And as far as legal aspects go there isn't many limitations unless it is a state park or government maintained area . I myself haven't been " Bonsai training " but for a year . So I do have much to learn . I've just collected a large American Hornbeam with very uniform nebari for a collected tree . I look forward to the next growing season to start to develop the tree into something great in the future . It has many years ahead of itself . Thanks ... Joseph Foster