Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wild Pear #1


Andy said...

Hello Walter,

if I may ask one question:
You repotted this tree August 20, others even earlier.
We had a really extreme hot summer here in the Bavarian Highlands.
I myself start repotting tomorrow, because I think that now the heat period is over and one can start repotting and collecting Yamadori for about two weeks safely.
What is your opinion about my thoughts?

Best regards,

Walter Pall said...

Andy, your thoughts make a lot of sense. i have a few dozen trees to repot. So I stated taking some risk. Sop far they all have survived the very hot period which ended today. from now on it's easy. But I would hurry and repot the trees within the next days. There are only five weeks left for the roots to grow for winter. It should not be called fall-repotting but rather late-summer-repotting.