Sunday, August 16, 2015

European spruce #79

Spruces have branches which can be bent a lot even when quite thck.  Only when
they are very old they will crack here and there. Often this does not matter much and the branch will survive. This one cracked a lot here and there. It must be way over 300 years old. Anyway, I have stopped the styling and will let the tree tell me where it wants to live. In a year or two we will continue. I will report.


Roger Kulp said...

I have a question about spruces from nursery stock,or maybe spruces in general.

I have seen other posts in your blog about spruces,and based on these posts,I bought an Alberta at a local Wal-Mart that was marked down to $10.99.It was almost six feet or two meters tall,and basically a dense green ball of branches.This tree has a base,above the soil line,of five inches,or 12 cm across,and that is what I can measure above the soil.The tree is very rootbound,the nebari is probably even wider across.The tree is so tightly rootbound.the roots cannot be separated.I moved the entire rootball into a deep plastic trash can,and I cut the tree back to 29 inches or 74 cm,by making a shari in the trunk,I treated with lime sulphur.

At first,I had a lot of twigs and smaller branches die.I guess this was to be expected,considering how dense the branches were.Let the tree thin itself out naturally.I am still having branches die,but a lot fewer.Then many needles began turning brown and falling off the tree,in clumps,leaving long bare sections.This is still going on.Then I started having new growth,but at the tips of the branches.I am thinking I might get some back budding,by cutting the ends of the branches when they grow a little more.

What I would like to know is,is this type of growth typical for spruces that have been cut back?

It's nice my tree is healthy and all that,but I am a little upset my tree does not look as nice as yours does in the first three pictures.

Walter Pall said...

Unfortunately you have an Alberta spruce. This is the most sold but the worst of all spruces for bonsai. It hates to be transpanted, hates to be styled, hates to be in a bonsai pot. I am sorry, but this is more for learning than for serious. Good spruces are not avaialble in garden centers or nurseries.