Saturday, April 11, 2015

European spruce #61

New greast final pot by Lubos Skoda after the big storm blew the tree off the shelf. It looks like nothing broke though.


Thomas Urban said...

Hello Walter,

I hope you are doing well. I was wondering if you could provide the time periods? How long did this spruce sit untouched before the carving was done? Was the carving done in stages? How long did it grow until you wired it and re-potted in in Picture #75? Was it wired and re-potted at the same time? Also picture 82-83 I see you gave it a 2nd and full styling, how long did you wait from the first wiring? Lastly, how long was it from the 2nd wiring when you placed it into the current pot by Mr. Skoda? Apologies for the essay but if one doesn't ask then one doesn't learn.

Thank you!

Walter Pall said...


it sat for three years before any styling started.
The carving was done in stages.
I never would wire and repot a spruce at one time. One should always leave one or more growing seasons in between.
Wiring can be done all at once.I prefer to do it stage wise, like wiring only the strong branches in June and doing the fine branches in September or next year.
The timing for the last repot was unfortunate. The big storm that flatted while forests two weeks ago in my area knocked the tree off the shelve and I had to repot it anyway. So I put it into the final pot.
One should always be VERY slow when styling a spruce. You will pay dearly if in a hurry.